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My Toku by Ayahime0
My Toku
Since I have these pictures of my tokusatsu figuart, I decided to edit them in photoshop and post this up.
Max and Chloe by Ayahime0
Max and Chloe
Just something I want to do after playing Life is Strange.

Base by: :iconselras:

Background belongs to the game; I don't know how to do background.
69 deviations

(Kyoya’s POV)

My family has been invited to a formal party. Exciting… Not. I am standing at the serving table, just taking a sip of my non-alcoholic drink. For some reason, the day feels longer. At school, I always have Yuuki bothering me, making the time goes faster each day. Oh how I wish Yuuki was here to entertain me. The only thing that makes me to be able to bear this long evening is the thought of Yuuki. Just remembering that day when she gave me that heart-shape chocolate makes me smile.

I keep getting the feeling she was not joking around when she handed me that heart-shape chocolate. I like you… When I read that on the heart-shape chocolate, she lost her cool, and blush like a teenager. It has been a few days since then. I wonder how she’s doing.

I let out a long sigh, and discard my glass of non-alcoholic drink then went to the hallway that leads to the kitchen to get some fresh air. There, at the hallway, I lean on the wall and took out my phone. I press on the number one and Yuuki’s phone number show up. Then I press on the green phone button, calling her. I put the phone on my ear, hearing the standby sound, waiting for someone to pick up. But no one answer the call.

I hang up the phone with a sigh. I lean off of the wall, and as soon as I do that, a chef came out of the kitchen. I notice the nametag on his top, and it say: Tsurugi Midorikawa. I have just met Yuuki’s father.

“Are you Yuuki’s father?” I asked.

Yuuki’s father look surprise that I know he is her father. “Yes.” Then a look of realization appears on his face. “And you must be Kyoya.”

I was surprise he know me. “You know who I am?”

“Yes, my daughter talks a lot about you.”

“Has she now?” I said with a smile.

Yuuki’s father nods his head. “I have never seen that girl smile so much just thinking about someone. I must admit, I’m a little sad to see her all grown up. Yuuki told me a lot about you on how you are always on her mind.” He let out a short laugh. “Then she starts blushing and giggling.”

A curious expression appears on my face. “Blushing and giggling?”

“From how she talks about you, I hope you are not playing with my daughter’s feelings.”

“I am not playing with your daughter’s feelings, sir, rest assure. I enjoy your daughter’s company a lot actually. Even when she likes to annoy me.”

Yuuki’s father let out a hearty laugh. “I know how you feel. But, there’s no way to dislike that girl with that smile of hers.” There is a ringing sound coming from his pocket. He reaches into his pocket, pulls out his phone, and look at the caller ID. Then he looks at me, and said, “Excuse me.”

I give him a nod to answer his phone.

Yuuki’s father answers the call, and say, “Hello…? Ah, so she’s awake… Mm… I see… How is she doing?” He nods his head. “That’s good to hear.” He let out a chuckle. “They are sisters, after all.” He hangs up his phone.

“Who was that?” I asked.

Yuuki’s father put his phone in his pocket. “Yuuki’s mother. She called to inform me about Yuuki’s condition. She caught the flu this morning, but she’s doing fine now.”

“I see.” So that’s why she didn’t answer my call.

“Well, it’s nice to finally meet you, Kyoya, but I need to get back to work.”

Before Yuuki’s father gets back to work, I stop him.

“Wait; I would like to get to know Yuuki more.”

Yuuki’s father has that fatherly look on his face. “Are you interest in my little girl?”

“I am, sir.” I really am interest in Yuuki.

Yuuki is like Honey-senpai and Haruhi combine. She is always cheerful and outgoing, but she is also a curious child. Yes, I think of Yuuki as a child in a teenager’s body, a childish teenager. And she seems to only shown interest in me like I’m her number one target. I got to admit, having her hanging around made me feel like I can just be myself, show my true color. She does not judge people by appearance or from first impression. She always thinks about the good in people, especially me.

No matter how manipulative I am, she always thinks about the good intention behind my actions. She is different. She is a case I want to solve. A case that involves why she is always looking at me then quickly averts her attention elsewhere. And also, I’m wondering why she is always trying to steal my notebook.

From the look of it, Yuuki’s father seems hesitant to give me an answer. A few seconds later, he let out a sigh of defeat. “You seem like a nice boy. Alright,” he said, giving me the okay to ask his daughter out.

From that day, I would call Yuuki’s father to talk about various stuff, usually about Yuuki.


(Yuuki’s POV)

In the afternoon on Saturday, I was helping my parents with the family restaurant. While tending to the customers’ need, I happen to lock eyes with none other than the Shadow King himself.

I froze for a second, and quickly make my way to Kyoya’s table. “What are you doing here?” I asked in surprise.

Kyoya smile at me. “Don’t worry; it’s just me.” He grabs the cup on the table and took a sip of his drink.

I let out a sigh of relief. “I see. But, why are you here?”

Kyoya put the cup down on the table. “Oh, I heard there was a girl who looks like Yuuki from Ouran work here, so I came here to take a look.”

He knows! “Who told you?” I asked.

“Your father,” Kyoya replied.

My shoulders slumps. “You’re not going to sell me out, are you?”

“Now, what kind of manipulative person would use this information to blackmail you?” Kyoya said with a smug on his face.

I knew it. Well, there must be a reason why he would want to blackmail me. I let out a sigh of defeat, and took a seat on the opposite side of where Kyoya is sitting. “What do you want?” I asked.

“I want you to prepare lunch for me for school,” Kyoya replied.

“Huh? Okay, I can do that.” Why would Kyoya want me to prepare lunch for him when he can eat all the fancy rich food at the cafeteria? And does he not have a chef to cook for him?

Kyoya seems to notice my curious expression, and said, “I want to try your food.”

Now that makes sense. “Oh, so you’re doing this for the host club. I get it. Do you want me to make something you like? Or, do you want a surprise?” I said.

“Surprise me,” Kyoya said with a shrug.


When the lunch time comes, I meet up with Kyoya at the 3rd Music Room. Once we sit on the couch, I present to him a special bento I made with his face on the rice made with various ingredients.

After a few bite, Kyoya said, “It’s good I wouldn’t mind second, maybe a desert.”

“Desert? What kind?” I asked.

Kyoya place the bento box on the table, and look at me with a smirk. “Well, I wouldn’t mind having you for desert.”

I felt my cheeks heat up, butterfly in my stomach. ‘He’s joking! He has to be joking!’ I thought frantically. “Y-You’re joking, right?” I asked nervously.

Kyoya push the bridge of his glasses up. “Maybe I am, maybe not.”

I calm down, feeling myself cool down. “Guh… Please don’t play with me like that. It hurts.”

“What are you talking about?”

I guess I should just come out with it. I lower my head. “W-Will you hear me out?”

A curious expression appears on Kyoya’s face. “I’m listening.”

I muster enough courage, and raise my head to look at Kyoya. “I like you, Kyoya.”

Kyoya didn’t look surprise at all, but he remains calm, and listens to me.

“Ever since the first day, I find myself only thinking about you. You’re the only one who I am interest in. You’re hard to figure out that I find myself intrigue by you. I want to know more about you. The more I want to know, the more I think about you. You were always on my mind. I just want to know more about you, but before I knew it, I begin to think romantically about you.”

“Yuuki…” Even though Kyoya didn’t show it, but by the sound of his voice, he was awestruck by my confession.

“I like you a lot, Kyoya, more than a friend.”

After I finish confessing, Kyoya look at me with a smile, a gentle smile. “I knew.”

I was surprise. “You knew?”

Kyoya shrug. “I didn’t want to get the wrong idea, so I never bother to confront you about it. Your father is the one who help bring light to how you feel about me. The truth is, I wanted you to make me lunch so that we can have a talk about this.”

“Dad… well, should’ve figure.” I let out a sigh. “You really are a Shadow King.“

“Indeed I am. Now…” Kyoya scoot a little closer to me, closing the gap between us that our legs touch. “May I have my desert?”

I tense up. “Eh? I thought you were joking!”

“I don’t recall ever saying I was joking. Now, pucker up.”

Kyoya place his hands on my shoulders and push me down to lie on the couch. I let out a yelp in surprise.

Kyoya let out a laugh, saying, “Adorable.”

My cheeks heat up in embarrassment, embarrass that Kyoya heard my voice. I place my hands on his chest, and try to push him off as he lean in for a kiss. “Nngh…” I said as I struggle to get out of his grip.

But Kyoya was too strong for me. He let out another laugh which caught me off guard.

“S-Stop laughing at me!” I said, trying to act tough, but fail horribly.

Kyoya felt my strength decrease as my struggle cease; he took the chance to connect his lips with mine. My eyes widen in surprise, but soon, my expression softens as I saw Kyoya close his eyes. I follow suit and close my eyes, and immerse in the kiss. I kiss back, which lead Kyoya and I to make out. Our clothes were in a mess as we became breathless. We stop kissing to catch our breath.

“I love you, Kyoya,” I moaned.

“I love you, too, Yuuki,” Kyoya moaned.

 A few seconds later, the door opens. Kyoya and I stop making out, and look at the door to see Tamaki and the others. Hikaru and Kaoru were taking pictures of us, Haruhi and Honey-senpai was surprise, and Mori-senpai shows a nonchalant expression.

While Tamaki freak out. “What is this?! What is this?!?!”

Kyoya let out a sigh of irritation. “Well, I was gonna take off Yuuki’s clothes and eat her, but you guy just have to interrupt us.”

I became really embarrass, and greet, “H-Hey, guys.”


In the end, Tamaki handcuff himself to Kyoya to keep an eye on him. Despite not being able to get some alone time with me, he didn’t mind is, acting like Tamaki is not present.

I'm currently creating more stuff for my Sentai team.


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Nancy Lo
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United States
I am just your typical 20 year old who's a dreamer and a video gamer who loves to watch anime and play video games.
I'm also a writer who writes story and draw at random times.
I'm also a huge fan of Friends. I also love the K-Drama Dream High

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