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Chapter 5: A Date with Kaito Izumi


The next morning, Miku woke up from a scream, from Aya.


Miku sit up as she rubs the tiredness from her eyes. “Aya-chan? What is it?” She looks at Aya.

Aya was staring at her phone, looking around on her phone in frantic. “I totally forgot. No, no, no!”


“What am I going to do?”

‘Oh! That’s right. Her date with that guy from last night. It’s today,’ Miku thought as she remembered the party. “What are you going to do?”

Aya was crying like an anime character. “I don’t know.”

“Why don’t you go out with him?” Miku suggested.

Aya stop crying as she was surprise at Miku’s words. “Eh? But I love Miku-chan!”

Miku was glad to hear that from Aya, especially the serious expression she shows. Miku smiled. “He is a nice guy.”

Aya nod in agreement. “Oh, and I’ll just let him go easily.”

Miku laughs at Aya.

“Geez, what’s so funny?” Aya asked with a pout.

“Sometimes I wonder who’s the mature one,” Miku said playfully.

Aya felt her cheeks heat up. “Miku-chan…” She puckers up her lips.


“Where’s my morning kiss?”

Miku giggles as she found Aya’s childish side to be adorable. She gives in to Aya’s request without a thought, and kisses her. “You’re so aggressive today,” she mentioned.

Aya place her hands on Miku’s shoulders to get close to her. “I want you,” she embarrassingly said.

“What do you want?” Miku asked teasingly while she kisses on the corner of Aya’s lips.

Aya’s body was growing warm. “I want Miku-chan,” she said with confidence.

‘When did she become so sexy?’ Miku thought as she was losing control.

They were about to make-out, but Miku stop herself.

“Sorry, but you have a date today.”

Aya pout.

“I promise I’ll give it to you afterward,” Miku said with a chuckle.

“Okay,” Aya said obediently.

There are times when Aya would act like a kid, obeying Miku like she’s her mother. Most of the time, it would be the other way around.


As soon as Aya got dress up, her phone vibrated. She looks at her phone to see that it was a text from Kaito. He has already arrive and parking outside of the girls’ dorm building.

“Miku-chan, are you sure you’re okay with this?” Aya knew that Miku gets jealous whenever when it comes to her so she was unsure if Miku is really okay with her going out with a guy when they already proclaim their love for each other.

“Don’t worry about me, Aya-chan,” Miku said with a strained smile.

Aya may be naïve or oblivious sometimes, but she can tell that Miku was not okay. “Okay… Are you sure?” she asked again.

Miku push Aya out of the room. “I’m sure. Have fun on your date!” Then she closes the door on Aya.

Aya look surprise. “Did she just give me permission to go out with someone?” she asked herself. Since it did seem like Miku was okay with it, she willingly decided to go out with Kaito.


Kaito took Aya to the mall. They spend time looking at clothes, jewelry, shoes, whatever they can find in a mall while having a conversation here and there.

And, Miku happens to be shopping in the same mall as Kaito and Aya. Once Miku spotted them though, she quickly hides. It seems suspicious to everyone that see her, but they just go about their business since she seems harmless. Then she saw Kaito wrapping an arm around Aya’s waist.

Miku grit her teeth in anger. “Get your hand off her,” she mutters under her breath with a death glare.

Kaito tense up and stop on his track. A cold sweat runs down his back as he feels someone staring at him intensively.

Aya stop on her track as well, and look at Kaito with concern. “Is something wrong?”

“Huh? Oh, it’s nothing,” Kaito replied as calm and normal as he can. ‘I don’t want to concern her,’ he thought.

Kaito and Aya go on their day having fun. Miku, she was angry. She was spying on them intensively…until someone walk up to her.

“Miyazaki? What are you doing here?” a girl asked.

Miku tense up. She feels like she was in trouble. She turns around to see a pigtail dirty-blonde girl who seems like the same age as her. It was a classmate who goes to the same school.

“Kuroshima…” Miku said.

(Change) Hikari Kuroshima is the president of the student council who’s also in the same class. “What are you doing here? Are you looking for someone?”

“Uh… Maybe, no. By the way, what are you doing here?” Miku said as she didn’t really answer Hikari’s question.

‘Did she just dodge my question with a question?’ Hikari thought in unamused. She crosses her arms. “You didn’t answer my question.”

Miku ignore Hikari and start to look around frantically for Kaito and Aya. “Where did they go?”

A vein appears on Hikari’s head. “Hey, Miyazaki! Are you even listening to me?!”


Miku take Hikari to a café and tell her that she is spying on Aya.

Hikari let out sigh of disappointment. “I know you’re jealous when it comes to Kizuna, but I didn’t know you would go this far to spy on her.”

“She’s my best friend. I would do anything for her,” Miku said honestly.

“Just best friends huh…” Hikari said it like there was something more to Aya and Miku’s relationship.

Miku can hear the suspicious tone from Hikari’s voice. “We’re just friends,” she said, trying to convince Hikari into believing her words.

“I know, I know,” Hikari said with a mischievous smile.

‘What’s with that smile of hers?’ Miku thought as she felt something suspicious behind Hikari’s smile.

Hikari saw Aya and Kaito behind Miku, walking into the café. “Oh, isn’t that Aya and her date?”

‘Hope they don’t see us,’ Miku thought.

Aya and Kaito sit a few tables behind Miku’s side.

“So, is there something you want to talk about?” Kaito asked.

Miku’s ears perk up like a dog, literally.

Hikari was amaze. ‘This should be interesting,’ she thought.

“Kaito, I really like you. I mean you’re nice a guy, girls would be lucky to have you as a boyfriend, but I already have someone.”

“Is it Kenichi?” Kaito came right out with it.

Aya became fluster right away when Kaito mention Kenichi. “What-no! W-Why would you ask that?”

‘Why did he ask about Kenichi? Aren’t they related?’ Hikari thought.

“Kenichi is very protective of you, and sometimes a little too much…” Kaito mentioned.

Aya calm down and defend his big brother. “Kenichi is a kind and thoughtful guy, and he’s the best big brother I could ever ask for, that’s all,” she said without a doubt.

Miku was drinking her latte with an expression that says “I’m pissed off”. A bead of sweat appears on Hikari’s head as she looks at Miku.

“So you love him,” Kaito said.

Miku almost choke on her latte. ‘Damn it, damn it, damn it!’ she thought as she couldn’t stand the thought of Aya loving someone more than her.

“Well, he’s my brother. He’s like that because we’re only half-blood. Even if I do have some intimidated feelings for him, it could never work out.”

Kaito nod in understanding. “But you do have someone, right?”

Aya nod in reply.

Kaito sigh in defeat. “Well, I’m glad you’re honest. Unlike other girls, they would just send a text and give excuses.” He gives out a genuine smile. “Well then, whoever you’re with, I wish you two happiness.”

“Thank you,” Aya said with a smile.

After that, Kaito and Aya went outside of the cafe, and Kaito left, leaving Aya all to herself. Miku and Hikari walk out of the cafe, after Hikari paid.

Aya turn around to face the girls. “What are you two doing here?” she asked with a hint of suspicion.

Hikari point at Miku, saying, “She was following you.”

“Hey!” Miku was giving Hikari the look “traitor”. Then she looks at Aya with concern. “Are you alright?”

“Yes,” Aya said with a nod. “But I feel kinda bad for breaking his heart like that.”

“That’s just like you, Kizuna. You’re too nice for your own good.” Then Hikaru said with a smile, “But I guess that’s why everyone loves you.”

Aya smiled. “Even you, pres.?”

Hikari wrap an arm around Aya’s shoulders. “Exactly,” she said with a grin.

Miku instantly turn into a jealous demon. Kidding!


After Hikari head off, Aya and Miku rest on the bench at a nearby park.

“I can’t stand it,” Miku said.

“What are you talking about?” Aya asked.

“Why must you love Kenny so much?”


Miku starts crying. So what did Aya do to stop Miku from crying? Aya place her hands on Miku’s cheeks, and kiss her. Miku went silent as her tears stop. As Aya got her to calm down, she stop kissing her and remove her hands from her cheeks.

“More,” Miku kindly demanded with desire in her eyes.

“Huh? No,” Aya refused.

“If you don’t, I’m going to make a fuss.”

“Nn…” Aya let out a sigh of defeat, and she kisses Miku again. And this time, she didn’t stop.

They didn’t stop kissing until they were out of breath. After their make-out session, they went back to their dorm.

As they head into their room, Aya said, “Oh. I almost forgot.” She took out a small rectangular box and gives it to Miku.

Miku grab it. “What is it?”

“Something I bought from the store.”

Miku opens the box to reveal strap charm.  “It’s cute! Thank you.”

“I was thinking of you the whole time. And when I saw this strap, I just have to buy it for you.”

“You were thinking about me the whole time?”

“Yes.” Aya took out her phone to reveal a matching strap charm.

Miku was close to tears, of joy of course. “Aya-chan…” She attacks Aya with a hug.

Aya almost lost her balance. “Ah!”

“I love you, I love you, I love you!”

A soft smile found its way on Aya’s face. “I love you, too, Miku-chan.”

Chapter 4: Our First Mixer


After Aya and Miku finish kissing, they head to the mall. The other day, Aya called one of Kenichi’s friends and was hoping he will agree to host a mixer, with no alcohol, at his place. Kenichi’s friend agrees, but he says that he’ll need food, drinks, and decoration. So, that’s why the girls are going to the mall to do the errand. After they got everything, they head to Kenichi’s friend’s house.

On the way, Miku begins to wonder and ask Aya about the friend she called. “So, what is he like?”

“Who? Kenichi’s friend?”

Miku nod in reply.

Aya place a hand on her chin, thinking. “Well, his name is Shinji Arisawa. He’s a year older than Kenichi, and he likes to party.”

“I see. Anything else?”

Aya remove her hand from her chin and raise a finger in the air. “Oh, and he’s nice and not a pervert like Kenichi.”

Miku giggles. “To you, he is.”


“You’re the only one Kenny tease.”

Aya tense up. “Not true! I’m not the only one he tease,” she refuse to agree with Miku.

“It’s true. I remember seeing him go out on dates, and he would treat them like a mature person. He only fool around with you-“ Miku stop on her track as she realize something about Kenichi.

Aya notice and follow suit, stopping on her track. She turns around and looks at Miku with confusion. “What’s wrong?”

Miku drop her bags and place her hands on Aya’s shoulders. She suddenly went crazily worry. “You two didn’t do it, did you?! You two didn’t make out, did you?! He didn’t mark, did he?!” Miku was talking so fast that Aya couldn’t follow.

A cold sweat run down Aya’s back. “W-What are you talking about?”

Miku lower her head as a gloomy cloud appears on top of her head.

A bead of sweat appears on Aya’s cheek. Then, a smile was place on her face. “Miku-chan,” Aya said softly.

Aya’s voice brought Miku’s head up only to receive a kiss from Aya. Aya stop kissing, but Miku wanted more.

“Mn… Miku-chan, that’s enough.”

“That’s not enough,” Miku said as she sticks her tongue into Aya’s mouth.


Miku was kissing Aya so ferociously, but she was mindful not to harm or force Aya.

“Miku-chan… Haa… stop…”

“Mn… More… Haa… I want you now, Aya-chan.” Miku remove her hands from Aya’s shoulders and wrap her arms around Aya’s shoulders, refusing to let her go as she continues kissing Aya.

Aya tries to hold back as she wants Miku to stop, but she couldn’t fight it. The temptation was too much that she was starting to lose to Miku. Miku was in control, the dominant one. Aya drop her bags and wrap her arms around Miku’s stomach area. Miku place a hand on the back of Aya’s neck. The girls continue their heated make-out session without a care.

Luckily, they were the only one in the area or else they would be embarrass, well, Aya will be since she is self-conscious about getting caught doing erotic stuff in public even though it’s just kissing.

It wasn’t until Aya’s phone vibrated. This causes the girls to stop what they were doing and jump in shock.

Aya took out her phone too see a text from Shinji. The text said: Where are you? Are you back yet?

“Is it from Shinji?” Miku asked while fixing her hair and her clothes.

“Yeah,” Aya replied while she text back. “And, send,” she said as she press on the send virtual button on her phone.

Miku helps fix up Aya’s hair and her clothes, to Aya’s dismay.

Aya was red in embarrassment. “H-Hey! I can do it myself.”

Miku giggles at how cute Aya is acting.

After that, they continue to make their way to Shinji’s house. Once they arrive, Shinji get this feeling that something is going on with the girls. The air was filled with awkwardness.

“Did something happen?” Shinji asked.

The girls tense up. “It’s nothing,” they said in unison. They look at each other in surprise then they became fluster as they look away.

“O…kay…” Shinji didn’t know what was going on, but he didn’t want to get involve. “Anyway, let’s start decorating.”

They went to the kitchen to put the bags on the table.

“Oh yeah. I haven’t properly introduced you two yet. This is Miku Miyazaki, and this is Shinji Arisawa,” Aya said.

Miku offer out her hand to Shinji. “It’s nice to meet you, Arisawa,” she said with a smile.

Shinji accept Miku’s hand with a smile. ”Likewise, Miyazaki. But, just Shinji will do.”

“As long as you call me Miku.”

Shinji nod in agreement. After introducing Miku and Shinji to each other, they set up the party. About a few minutes later, the rest go Kenichi’s friends arrive to help with the party preparation.


As soon as it hit 7pm, the place was pack. The party was so fun. People from high school came to the party as well as people in their 20s.

A couple minutes later, Kenichi arrive at the party.

“Hey! The special guest has arrived!” Shinji said.

Kenichi walk up to Shinji. “What is all this?”

“It’s for you, man. Go wild. Have fun.” Shinji grab a cup of punch from the table and give it to Kenichi. Shinji spot a girl. “Hey, good looking.” He follows the girl.

Kenichi let out a long sigh. “Oh well. Might as well have fun.” He took a sip of the punch, and joins the fun.


While Miku is having fun, chatting with guys, Aya is just sitting and enjoying her punch.

A man who looks like in their 20s walks up to Aya and sits next to her. “Hey.”


“This is a great party.”

“Really? You don’t think it’s…”

“Boring? No. Quite fun, actually. It’s amazing there are a lot of students here. Some look mature, some look young. And…” The man in his 20s look at Aya. “You look like a mature kid.”

Aya became fluster. She does not like to be treated like a kid, or be call one. “D-Don’t call me a kid!”

The man let out a laugh. “Sorry, sorry. I got to admit, you’re cute when you’re angry.”

“Jeez…” Aya said with a pout.


Miku was having a fun chat with a few friends when she notice Aya is talking to someone, and they were laughing, having a blast.

Something inside Miku snaps. ‘What is this feeling? Why am I…? Why do I…? My Aya-chan… No! No, I shouldn’t cause a scene. Jeez, what should I do?!’ Miku thought as she couldn’t help but feel jealous.

Miku tends to get jealous whenever she sees someone Aya so close to someone, especially if it’s a man. She didn’t want to lose Aya. She won’t admit it, but she is jealous. Miku didn’t want to cause a scene so she let it slide.


After a bit of chit-chatting, Kaito finally come out and say it.

“I was wondering if you would want to go out,” Kaito said.

Aya was surprise someone has just asked her out. “Go out with you?”

“Yeah; if that’s okay with your brother.”

“With…” Aya look straight to see Kenichi in her view. ”Kenichi?”

Kenichi walk up to Aya and man, and got in between them somehow. “So, Kaito, you’re asking my little sister out?”

“Yeah, man. You don’t have a problem with that, do you?”

“I do,” Kenichi said, looking at the 20 year old young man, Kaito, with a glare. He was in his “big brother” mode.

Kaito feels a cold sweat on his back in fear. ‘If a glare can kill a person, I’d be dead now,’ he thought.

Kenichi look at Aya with a soft expression. “Aya-chan, Kaito is a manwhore.”

Kaito was shock to hear Kenichi said that. “Wait! What are you saying?!”

“A manwhore?” Aya said, tilting her head in confusion.

“You see, a manwhore is-” Kenichi was about to explain.

But Kaito wrap his arm around Kenichi’s neck and put him into an arm lock. “What are you teaching your little sister these days?” he asked in disappointment.

“Ow, ow, ow! Let go, let go!”

A bead of sweat appears on Aya’s head in embarrassment. ‘Well, that’s my big brother,’ she thought. Then she begins to linger on what Kaito say. ‘Going out with Kaito huh… I wonder if I should. I mean, Miku-chan wouldn’t mind right? I mean, he’s a nice guy. Ah, what should I do? Should I accept?’ she thought. “Anyway, a date sounds nice.” But then, she thought in shock of disbelief, ‘What?!’

“Great,” Kaito said with a grin. “I’ll pick you up at your dorm at 9.”

“Okay,” Aya said with a strained smile. ‘Idiot, idiot, idiot!’ she scold herself.


Miku heard everything, and just couldn’t take it anymore. She walks up to Aya, and grabs her hand.

“Miku-chan, what’s up?”

Instead of replying, she drags Aya upstairs to one of the guests’ room. They were sitting down on the ground side-by-side and leaning back on the long side of the bed, just staring outside through the big window.

“Sorry, I just want us to be alone together,” Miku said with an unusual depress tone, but she try her best not to sound sad.

Aya shake her head. “It’s okay.”

Miku hugs Aya’s arm. “Why did you say yes to that guy?”

“Um, sorry. He’s a nice guy and…”


“I panic, okay,” Aya admitted. It was her first time getting ask out by a guy,

Miku look at Aya in the eyes, and knew she was telling the truth. “Okay,” she said before scooting closer to Aya, a connecting her lips with Aya’s.

“Miku-chan…” Aya moaned.

“I love you so much, Aya-chan.”

“And so do I, Miku-chan.”

With that said, they share a passionate kiss.


After the party, Aya and Miku went home, back to their dorm room. They decided to take a shower together. Luckily, they have their own bathroom so they can be alone. They strip and went to the bathroom. There are two low chairs in there for them to sit and clean themselves. They sit down and start cleaning their self.

“Hey, Miku-chan?”


“Do you think the plan work?”

“I don’t know. We can ask Kenny tomorrow.”

“No; that’s okay. I’m sure big bro have fun tonight.”

Miku get up from her chair and walk up to Aya. “I’ll scrub your back for you.”

“No, I’m-Eek!” Aya tense up as Miku place her hands on her shoulders.

Miku giggles at Aya’s reaction. “Hm? Are you…embarrassed?”

“M-Miku-chan, stop.”

“Hey, what’s down here?” Miku asked as she lowers her hand towards Aya’s breast.

Aya became fluster. “P-Please don’t touch me there.” She does enjoy being touch by Miku, but she was too embarrassed to be touch naked.

Miku stop as she feels bad for causing Aya to feel uneasy. “I’m just teasing you, Aya-chan.” She decided to be serious and clean Aya’s back.

After that, they head into the warm bath.

“Haa…” Aya and Miku let out a unison satisfying sigh as the warm water takes effect on their body.

“You shouldn’t agree so easily just because he’s a nice guy,” Miku said, trying not to sound like she’s jealous.

Aya knew what Miku was talking about, and say, “Are you…jealouls?”

“Ha…! Maybe…” Miku move towards Aya, hovering over her.

Aya became a bit uncomfortable and try to back away, but she already reaches the end of the bathtub. “What are you doing?”

“Trying to make an advance.” Miku place a hand on the wall and another hand on Aya’s shoulder. Then she gives Aya a gentle kiss.

It was so gentle, so romantic that Aya decided to just go with the flow. They hug each other as they continue to make-out. They didn’t hold back their moan, but they were careful not to be too loud.

After they finish taking their bath, they get into their pajama, dry their hair, and climb into Miku’s bed together.



Miku place a hand on Aya’s hand, holding her hand. “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” Aya said with a gentle squeeze.

Chapter 3: Last Summer


Last summer was the best summer ever, or not considering the situation.

The Kizuna family and the Miyazaki family went to Shizuoka for the summer, and they are staying at the White Beach Hotel in Shimoda. The hotel is a 2-story building in white with blue accent. Everywhere, you see something white with blue accent, like the couch or chair with blue pillows or white table cloth with blue accent on in the shape of triangles. The hotel is a nice little place at the far end of the beach that serves good food in a relaxed setting. And the dining room has a romantic feeling to it despite its formal look.

Once the Kizuna and the Miyazaki family arrive, Miku was the first to get out of the van.

“Ah~ this place is so beautiful!” Miku was in awe at the view.

The beach was so beautiful and the area has a fresh and cozy atmosphere. The rest of the families get out of the van.

Aya walk up to Miku. “It sure is.”


Once everyone settles in, the girls quickly change into their swimsuits.

Miku look at Aya with a competitive expression. “Race ya to the beach.”

“You’re on!” Aya is competitive girl, and Miku knew what to trigger that side of her.

The mothers look at each other with a smile. The rest of the families join Aya and Miku at the beach. The girls were playing in the water while the boys are competing in who can create the biggest sandcastle. While the youngsters are fooling around, their parents lay on the beach chairs under the big umbrella, just chilling. Well, the fathers may be relaxing, but they’re actually talking about business plan and such. Their wife didn’t mind it, but they still wish their husband would put work behind them during vacation.

While the girls are playing in the water, Aya reminisce on the day she first met Miku at the same beach ten years ago.

Their families decided to introduce their kids to get to know each other. At first meeting, Aya’s first thought on Miku was that she’s pretty. Miku though, she glomp Aya, saying she’s cute. The boys though, they have a bit of similarity in personality and interest so they became fast friends.

Aya can still remember how she develops a crush on Miku.

While wandering around the beach with Miku, collecting seashells, Aya got a cut on her finger.

Aya wince as she felt sharp pain on her index finger. “Ow.”

Miku run up to Aya, asking, “What happen?”

Aya show Miku her finger.

“Ah, I know.” Miku put Aya’s injured finger in her mouth to clean the blood off.

Aya become fluster. She started to feel a strange tingling feeling in her stomach. She has learned a bit about love in a romantic way from her brother who’s 6 year older than her, and somehow, she suddenly have a crush on Miku. At the time, she thought it was normal to love a friend, but as she grew up, she became wiser which turns her crush into love. And she gets tease by her brother more often.


Aya was so into her thought that she didn’t realize Miku was preparing a surprise attack. “Aya-chan!” She pounces on Aya.


Into the water they go. The girls swim back up to the surface.

A vein appears on Aya’s head. “What was that for?!”

Miku laughs. “You were zoning out so I thought I give you a surprise attack.”

Aya calm down, and look down, somehow a little depress.

Miku notice, and was worry. “I can’t help you if you won’t tell me.”

Aya knew that Miku would worry, but she really didn’t want to tell her. “It’s nothing!”

“Oh… Something you can’t tell me?”

“Something like that.”

“But I’m your best friend!”

‘Best friend… We’re just…best friends…’ Aya thought with the same depressing look, though it looks like she was about to cry. She didn’t want Miku to see her cry, so she dive into water to hide her tears.

Aya hugs her knees and close her eyes. ‘I wonder… What if she doesn’t feel the same way like I do? Will she accept me like always, or will she reject me? What will I do after that?’ she thought calmly. Then she got frustrated. ‘Jeez, I don’t know anymore!’ She was thinking so hard about whether or not to tell Miku her feelings. She let out her tears without holding back. After she let everything out, she’d made her decision.

Aya swim back up to the surface to be greeted by a smiling redhead.

“Feel better?”

Aya smile back to Miku with a nod. “I’m okay now.”

Miku believes Aya’s words. They continue to play in the water.


It was finally dinner time, and everybody agree to meet downstairs in a couple minutes.

Aya was just writing in her diary when Miku came in.

“We have to go downstairs for dinner, Aya-chan.”

“Just a minute,” Aya said while still continuing to write in her diary.

Miku walk up to Aya. “What are you writing?” she asked as she tries to take a peek.

Aya quickly close her diary. She looks at Miku with a strict expression. “Miku-chan!”

“Hmm…” Miku said with an innocent smile.

Aya put away her diary, and head downstairs.

‘I swear I saw the word love in there… What did she wrote in her diary?’ Miku wondered. It was really tempting, but she decided not to let her temptation take over.


During dinner time, they happen to serve narazuke, deep brown pickles native to the Nara Region of Japan. Narazuke contain alcohol, and if narazuke is not eaten with food, the consumer will feel drunk after taking a few bites.

And when they serve it at their table on Kenichi’s request, Aya couldn’t contain herself and want some.

But Kenichi was not sure about that. “Are you sure you want some narazuke?”

“I’m sure.” Aya happens to like pickle, and want some narakuze. She picks up her chopsticks and pick one.

Yumiko wonder if her daughter really knows how to eat narazuke. “Sweetie, you’re not supposed to-” But it was too late.

Aya took a bite of narazuke. The families were a bit surprise as a bead of sweat appears on their head. Aya really didn’t know about the side effect of eating narazuke.

“Aya, you weren’t supposed to eat it first,” Takumi said.

Aya’s face became red; her body wobble, and she was half-conscious. As soon as the alcohol enters her system, she felt this feeling inside her like she can’t hold back any more. She looks at Miku with a silly smile.

“Aya-chan, are you okay?” Miku asked with concern.

“I love you, Miku-chan. I always love you. Chu~” Aya kiss Miku.

Miku was shocked, as well as their families.


After dinner, their families didn’t think much about it since Aya was drunk. They each share a room of two. Aya and Miku shared the same room.

While Aya is asleep in her bed, Miku couldn’t sleep. All she can think about is the kiss that Aya gave her. It was their first kiss. Miku felt confuse, yet, somehow, at the back her mind, she felt happy at the same time like she knew. She stares at the unconscious Aya, wondering about the reason behind the kiss.

Miku think back to what Aya said while drunk.

“I love you, Miku-chan. I always love you.”

“Always…?” Miku suddenly find herself staring at Aya’s lips. Her mind became wild, having an image of connecting her lips with Aya’s lips.

Miku became red with embarrassment. “No, no, no,” she said while shaking her head to get rid of the image in her head. “What am I thinking?” She starts to question her relationship with Aya. ‘Does she love me more than a friend? Do I love her more than a friend?’ she wondered.

“Miku-chan…” Aya mumble in her sleep.

‘Cute!’ Miku thought joyously. She just couldn’t help it but let her mind go wild again.

Usually, it would be the other way around with Aya. Aya is always the one with wild imagination even though she seems like a mature person on the outside.

Miku get out of bed and sit on the side of Aya’s bed. ‘But, isn’t this weird? It’s not weird, right?’ She tries to convince herself. Then she places her hands on her head in frustration. ‘Jeez! What am I going to do now?! It’s all your fault! Why did you have to kiss me?!’ she thought in frustration. She just couldn’t understand Aya’s “confession” at all.

Miku is so confuse, but she just want to confirm something. Wondering if her action triggers a spark or not, she moves her face closer towards Aya’s face. “Just a little won’t hurt, right?” Then, she kisses Aya. To her dismay, she felt a spark. Suddenly, she couldn’t help herself and continue to kiss the unconscious Aya.

Aya let out a moan from the kiss; that moan just cause Miku to lose control and let her body do whatever it want.

‘Oh hell. This is bad. I only meant to kiss her for a sec. Man… I want her so bad!’ Miku thought as she’s losing control over her desire.

Then, she saw tears rolling down from Aya’s close eyes.

Miku stop what she was doing. ‘T-Tears?! All I want to do is kiss her, but to make her cry…’ she thought.

“Don’t leave me… don’t leave me, Miku-chan…” Aya said in her sleep.

‘She must be dreaming about me,’ Miku thought. She wipes away Aya’s tears and kisses her on the check. “I promise I’ll never leave you.”


In the next morning, Aya found Miku sleeping with her in the same bed.

“Miku-chan?” Aya shake Miku’s shoulder to wake her up. “Miku-chan, it’s morning.”

Miku wrap her arms around Aya’s arm. She didn’t want to wake up or let Aya go. “No; need more sleep.”

“Well, I don’t. Let go.”

Miku move closer towards Aya, nuzzling on the side of her neck. “You’re so warm, Aya-chan.”

Aya became fluster. “W-What are you doing?”

“I’ll never leave your side, Aya-chan.”

Aya was so touch by Miku’s words.

“We’re best friends, after all.”

Aya wouldn’t admit it to Miku, but she would like their relationship to be more than just best friends. But, at the time, she decided to enjoy every moment she has with Miku.



After changing out of their pajamas, they head downstairs for breakfast.

Miku was wondering if Aya recall what happen the other night. “Hey, Aya-chan? Do you remember what happen last night?”

“Last night? Ah; yeah, sorry you have to see me like that. I didn’t realize narakuze contains alcohol. I hope I didn’t do anything embarrassing.”

‘What?! She stole my first kiss and she can’t remember?!’ Miku thought in shock. She was really not happy that Aya didn’t remember their first kiss the other night.

Aya notice the dark aura around Miku, and a cold sweat run down the back of her head. “Um, did I do something strange last night?”

Miku change her attitude in a fake happy mood. “No, no, of course not!” She let out a fake laugh.

“Oh, okay,” Aya said with a smile, believing Miku’s words.


Ever since their first kiss, Miku has been really trying her best to hide her newly develop feelings from Aya. Once they started high school, Miku has been having trouble hiding her true feelings. Fortunately for Miku, Aya is dense about love and often mistook them for just a friendly act.


In the present day, it was already Saturday in the afternoon. Aya and Miku head back to their dorm room to get ready to go do some shopping. Aya was just reading her diary at her bed. She’d write down everything that happened on the specific date. She did remember that one special, yet, embarrassing, event during last summer, but she can barely remember since she was drunk.

Aya place her fingers on her lips as she remembered the embarrassing moment of confessing to Miku. ‘That was so embarrassing, but I’m glad I told her how I feel,’ she thought with gleeful smile.

Miku was in the bathroom, getting ready. Once Miku got out of the bathroom, Aya asked, “You ready to go?”

Miku nod with an “Mm”.

Aya put away her diary, and grab their purse. She walks up to Miku and gives her, her purse. Then she gives Miku a surprise kiss.

Miku didn’t mind the change in Aya, but she didn’t let chance to tease her slide. “Usually I’m the one approaching you. Why the sudden change?”

Aya felt her cheeks heat up. She was embarrassed. “It’s nothing.”

“Really?” Miku kiss Aya.


Miku didn’t plan to stop, but Aya is since they have an errand to do.

“We have to…go now, Miku-chan.”

“Haa… You started it.”

“I just want to kiss you.”

Miku refuse to listen to Aya and continue to suck her face until they ran out of breath.

Ever since the first day in Ouran Academy, I have become popular with the ladies. That’s right, ladies. Because I have shoulder length hair, a tomboyish personality, and wear the boy’s uniform, the girls took me for a boy. To be honest, I didn’t bother to correct them since I am a little mischievous in my own way, and decided to pose as a male student. Because of my popularity with the ladies, I was scout by the host club. Well, it’s more like Tamaki Suoh keep pestering me until I finally give in to him. Tamaki was delighted by my “voluntarily” decision to join, and so do the rest of his friends, all except for Kyoya Ootori. Maybe it’s because I keep bothering him? But, despite our differences, we get along well; especially when we are converse in a serious conversation.

I found it funny to annoy him sometimes, but not enough to make him snap or anything. As a curious person, whenever I see that notebook of his, I always get anxious. I want to know what he’s writing in his notebook. No one intrigue me more than Kyoya. He is so mysterious, someone I cannot figure out, especially with that calm and collected face expression of his. Lately, I find myself just staring at the Shadow King whenever I’m near him, or from afar. I’m not sure how many times he caught me staring, but I’m pretty sure he noticed me even during class.


I hardly touch my lunch during lunch hours. Honey-senpai notices my untouched strawberry shortcake, and asks if he can have it.

I smile at Honey-senpai, and slide my plate of strawberry shortcake to his side. “Here you go, Honey-senpai.”

Honey-senpai has a big grin on his face, and exclaims, “Thank you, Yuu-chan!” Then he begins to devour the slice of strawberry shortcake.

Haruhi look at me with curiosity. “That’s not like you to pass it up,” she mentioned about the strawberry shortcake that I let Honey-senpai have. She knows how much I love strawberry shortcake.

“I don’t have the appetite today,” I said.

“Why not?” Haruhi asked.

Why? Well… Oh! “It’s just I was just wondering what I should make tomorrow.”

“Oh, what are you making?”

“Um, I’m planning to make you a bento,” I said the only thing that came to mind. I need something to take my mind off of Kyoya.

“Really? I hope it’s tuna,” Haruhi said hopingly.

“It is,” I replied.

“Yay!” Haruhi said with a smile.

I chuckle. ‘Cute,’ I thought. I know she was going to look forward to it. After all, my parents are excellent chefs, even my little sister know how to make rich and expensive looking cattery and dishes.


It was in the afternoon, minutes before the host club open. Everybody was doing their own thing during that free time. Hikaru and Kaoru are trying to get Haruhi into dressing up, and Tamaki was scolding the twins. Honey-senpai is enjoying his cake with Usa-chan while Mori-senpai is enjoying his cup of tea. Kyoya and I… well… We sit at the same table with me just staring at him typing away on his laptop.

Either he is bother by my gaze or not, he continues to type on his laptop without a care.

“Hey, Kyoya?” I said, trying to get Kyoya’s attention.

Without looking at me, or stop what he was doing, he ask, “What is it?”

“What is it like to be a man behind the scene?” I asked.

Kyoya stop what he was doing, and averted his attention from his laptop to me. He looks surprise by my question. “What? Are you interest in me?” he asked back.

“No, it’s not like that.” I smirk, and tease, “Unless you want me to be.”

“No comment,” Kyoya said nonchalantly.

I let out a short laugh. Kyoya continues to look at me, just staring.

I grew a little nervous, feeling my cheeks heat up a bit. “W-What?”

Kyoya let out a chuckle, saying, “Nothing.” He went back to focusing on his laptop.

I place my hands on his sleeve, and pry for an answer, “Come on, tell me.”

“It’s nothing.”

“I can keep a secret,” I tried to persuade Kyoya into talking.

Kyoya stop what he was doing, and avert his attention towards me. “Why must you get into my business?” he asked, a little irritated.

“Hmph.” I retract my hands from Kyoya’s sleeve, and cross my arms. “Like you’re one to talk. But then again, you’re good at doing things in secrecy. Hmm… Maybe I can find the answer in that notebook of yours.“

“Why are you so curious about my notebook?”


“Because what?”

“Just because,” I said with a chuckle.

Kyoya look annoy by my answer, but didn’t say anything about it. “Must you continue to bother me?” he asked with the same calm tone he always uses.

“Yes,” I replied without thinking.


I hug Kyoya’s arm, and teasing say, “Because I like you.”

Either it was my action, or my words, I saw a glimpse of Kyoya blushing a bit before his skin return back to normal.

‘Wait a minute. Did he just…? No way!’ I thought in surprise.

Kyoya raise a brow in curiosity. “What now?”

“Nothing,” I said with an innocent smile. ‘Must be my imagination,’ I thought.


The next day, I present to Haruhi a bento with her favorite food, tuna.

“I call it Tuna Paradise.”

Haruhi was drooling a little bit from staring at the tuna dishes. I giggle, and grab a napkin to wipe the drool off of her mouth area. My action causes the girls around us to let out a squeal while Tamaki flip, not literally.

“Did you see you see what Yuuki did?!” Tamaki shouted while pointing at me.

“It’s called common sense, boss,” Hikaru said with a shrug.

“There’s nothing wrong with that,” Kaoru said with a shrug

“It’s not!” Tamaki disagree with the twins.

“Oh, relax, Tamaki. It’s not like I was aiming for a yaoi moment,” I said innocently.

What I said causes the girls to squeal more, some of them even fainted.

Kyoya push the bridge of his glasses up, and say, “Would you kindly wait until club hours?”

I smile innocently at Kyoya which cause him to shake his head with a sigh.


During host club hour, I act like an older brother to the ladies, the “big brother” type, Tamaki called it. Well, to be more accurate, I’m the onee-sama, but since I am portray as a male student, that would make me the onii-sama. Anyway, as the “big brother” type, I listen to people’s problem and give out advice like an older sibling would. I also tend to their needs like a butler to a master or mistress.

I was taking a sip of my tea when one of the girls mention about my cooking ability. I put the cup of tea down on the table. “Yes, I do. I inherited my cooking skills from my parents.”

“You must be a master chef then,” one of the girls said.

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” I said.

“Will you make us something for club tomorrow?” another girl asked.

“Uh, well…” I don’t know about that. Should I?

“Please~” The girls plead me with puppy eyes.

A bead of sweat appears on the back of my head. ‘There’s no way to say ‘no’ to them now,’ I thought.


The next day, I bring homemade heart-shape chocolates to the host club. I give it all to the girls which cause them to go lovey-dovey over me.

“Oh, for you guys too.” I handed out the heart-shape chocolates to Haruhi and the hosts. Now, Kyoya is next. I walk up to him, and took out two wrapped heart-shape chocolates, debating on which one to give to him. “Hmm…”

Kyoya look at me curiously. “Yuuki?”

I raise my head to look at Kyoya, and once I saw his eyes on me, I panic a little. I lower my head and look at the wrapped heart-shape chocolate on the left, and give it to him.

Kyoya accept the chocolate, and say, “Thank you.”

I raise up my head, and say with a smile, “You’re welcome.”

Kyoya took off the wrapper on the heart-shape chocolate, and read the text on the front of the heart-shape chocolate. “I like you?” he said questionably.

I tense up, growing nervous. ‘Ah! Wrong one!’ I thought.

Kyoya smirk. “Thank you, Yuuki.”

‘Oh no, oh no, oh no! I give him the wrong one!’ I thought in a panic. I swear I was blushing like a teenage girl falling head over heel for a guy she like. Wait a minute…

I look around my surrounding, and notice the girls staring at me and Kyoya. They are probably thinking this is a yaoi moment. Well, it’s not!

Tamaki was acting like he was going to kill someone. Luckily, the twins hold him back before he does something regretful.

I'm currently creating more stuff for my Sentai team.


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